Armidale Regional Airport Upgrade

Since construction of the current Airport Terminal, completed in February 1997, passenger numbers have seen a three fold increase to over 130,000 passengers this year.  The daily Armidale-Brisbane-Armidale service will further drive this ongoing growth.

To meet current and future demand and to provide a positive passenger experience, the present terminal is to be doubled in size and upgraded to offer the maximum in passenger comfort.  The potential for passenger and baggage screening will ensure passenger safety and baggage handling carousels, a modern café and departure lounge catering will ensure a comfortable flight.

The Airport upgrade will also entail upgrading of parking space, provision of an undercover secure car park and an expansion of the airport apron to accommodate a growing number of flights/aircraft

With completion of the Airport Upgrade, Armidale will be able to meet its claim as the premiere regional airport in the New England.

Follow the progress here

View a ‘fly-through’ video showing plans for the new Armidale Regional Airport.