Leslie P. Dutton

1908-1920 Mayor Leslie P Dutton

Shire President 1908 - 1920

Son of Archibald Francis Dutton (Bauhinia Down Queensland) and Florence Effie Wright (Bickham Blandford New South Wales) making their home in the Guyra area in 1884 know as the Guyra East Run and eventually becoming known as "Urandangie" (meaning Running Water).

Leslie Phillip Dutton was born on 18 October, 1881 and lived his entire life on Urandangie. He married Jessie White (daughter of James Cobb White of "Edinglassie" Muswellbrook and niece of Francis James White of Saumarez Armidale) on 1st December, 1909. They had four children; Ruth Vyner (Sydney), Marjory Moffatt (Guyra), Barbara Bourne (Ben Lomond) and Francis James Dutton.

L.P. Dutton was an inaugural Councillor of the Guyra Shire Council formed on 24 November, 1906 along with A.W. Everett, V.L. Green, W.P. McCrohon, R. Mulligan and G.H. Parker. On 10 February, 1908 he became the second President of the Guyra Shire Council and remained on Council for a period of 22 years resigning due to a conflict with Council in relation to the Electric Light Company of which he was a director.

The late L.P. Dutton was the founder of the now Ebor based trout hatchery originally started on Urandangie and now supplying fingerlings throughout the State.

Mr Dutton died at the Guyra War Memorial Hospital on 2 August, 1960.


(Written by Belinda Lenehan (nee Dutton))