C.E. Wheaton

1948-1950 Mayor CE Wheaton

Shire President 1948 - 1950

Clifford Wheaton was born at Chard in Somerset England. He left England at the age of 20. He heard glowing accounts of Australia from his Uncle Arthur Wheaton, who was a school teacher at Black Mountain, so Cliff decided to try his luck in this new country. In 1912 he arrived in Sydney and after spending some time with his Aunt and Uncle Mr. and Mrs. Lyons, he moved to Black Mountain. He worked for various people at the Mountain.

When war broke out in 1914 he enlisted with other boys in the district and joined the 33rd Battalion A.I.F. He rose to the rank of Sergeant, was wounded in France and finally discharged.

He returned to Black Mountain and married Myrtle Youman of "Bellvue", Black Mountain in April, 1918.

They had two children Doreen and Howard. After the war Cliff purchased the butcher shop in Black Mountain. Later he sold the shop and opened a butchers shop in Guyra and he also acquired two properties "Oakhampton", on the western side of Guyra and "Wilga" (Now owned by W.J. Williams). He later sold these properties and moved to Armidale. Cliff died on 5th May, 1961.