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High tech lids to maximise space at Regional Landfill

The use of the technology works by reducing the amount of daily soil cover needed to cover the waste, which means there are less resources used and less transportation of soil. It also makes for more efficient use of resources as covering waste is easier and quicker for operators. 

Armidale Regional Council Mayor, Sam Coupland said he is extremely pleased that we have embraced the new technology available to maximise the use of the Regional Landfill facility.

“The new landfill lids will create efficiencies by using contemporary technology and overall extending the life of the Regional Landfill facility,” said the mayor.

“The Armidale region has an outstanding waste management record. With high quality recycling facilities and a high level of community participation in recycling we are doing well. 

“However we can always do more to reduce our waste and we ask the community to work with us to create a more sustainable future for our region,” said the mayor. 

The landfill lids purchased by Council are made by an Australian owned and operated company with a lightweight design making them easy to manoeuvre, safe to use and easily fitted to our existing machinery. The lids can be used in all weather conditions. Council staff will be trained in the use of the landfill lids in the coming weeks. 


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