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Wrap-up of the Ordinary Council Meeting 28 April 2022

Don’t forget these dates

Council’s Ordinary Council Meeting cycle was resolved as the fourth Wednesday of each month, with the meetings to commence at 4pm. Scheduled dates are now available on Council’s website, along with the Christmas dates for the shutdown period.

Council decided that to better serve the Guyra Community, future Council meetings will be available to view via a live stream. Council will also provide availability for residents to be able to address ‘Have your Say’. These services will both be available from the Guyra office.

Council pre - planning for the community

Following the shock of Armidale experiencing its first tornado, Council is going to make a request to the Department of Planning and Environment to include a Natural Disaster Clause in both of Council’s LEP’s and also to develop a policy to assist residents with the lengthy recovery from such disasters. This will include, where possible, allowing repairs and rebuilds without necessarily needing to submit a DA. Where a DA is required, fees will be reduced. An advisory service will be provided to fast track approvals.

SRV submission

Council agreed to submit an application to the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal for an Additional Special Variation. The Special Variation is 1.8% plus 0.7% rate peg (total 2.5%) commencing in 2022-2023.

The proposal will generate an additional income of $356,319 if approved. The additional income will assist Council in providing services to residents of the Armidale region.

Council’s Hardship Policy will assist ratepayers that may experience financial hardship.

Fixing our footpaths

Council will commence a kerb and gutter renewal program in May.

Whilst identifying footpaths that were the most in need for renewal, Rusden Street, between Dangar and Faulkner Street was prioritised. Council also became aware that some trees in this area were declining in health and the roots from the trees were causing the pavers on the footpath to lift, thus causing safety concerns and trip hazards for pedestrians.

Council had an independent report done by a level five Arborist and it was identified that nine heritage trees should be removed. The replacement trees will be more appropriated species and will be chosen based on a number of factors, including root architecture.

Council will ensure community engagement is provided before the trees are removed, which will happen in conjunction with the planned kerb and gutter renewal program, expected to commence in May.

40 new homes to come

Following the public exhibition period, Council received 49 submission objecting to the proposed 40-lot development at Karina Close. These were disclosed on the report, along with Council’s responses. It was determined that the development complied with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EPA Act) and Council resolved to grant consent to the development, subject to conditions.

Out with the roundabout, in with a Give Way sign

The Traffic Committee reported a proposal to remove the raised concrete roundabout located at the intersection of Bradley and McKenzie Street in Guyra. It was put on the 28 day public exhibition period recommending to reinstate the intersection to a tee intersection. 11 submissions were received. All submissions opposed the proposal based on public safety, traffic conditions and maintenance concerns. The recommendation was resolved to approve the works and will commence when the planned bitumen resealing and asphalt works commence. Replacing the roundabout will be a ‘Give Way’ sign with the appropriate marking.

A request regarding pedestrian safety in Douglas Street was submitted to TfNSW by The Armidale School. No issues were observed by TfNSW. The area will be monitored.

We want your thoughts…
To see what’s currently on public exhibition and to have your say on the important issues affecting the region, visit yoursay.armidale.nsw.gov.au

  • Draft Community Recognition Policy
  • Draft Risk Management Policy

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