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Annual tree planting program commences

Council’s annual tree planting program will commence this year at MacDonald Park today Tuesday 26 April with the planting of Scarlet Oak trees to replace the avenue of Elms that died during the recent drought.

Scarlet Oak has been selected as a replacement tree for the MacDonald Park avenue replanting due to its drought resistance, vibrant autumn colour, longevity and aesthetic appeal. Scarlet Oaks are historically consistent with the original park planting scheme and can tolerate dry conditions better than Elm trees.

The new planting of Scarlet Oaks will be consistent with the original axial avenue design as planted in 1934 and will be the first step in restoring the original formal park layout.

Mayor Sam Coupland said the annual tree planting program has particular significance this year due to high moisture levels in the soil making it ideal for a successful tree planting program.

“Our street and park trees are a huge asset for the city and provide beautiful autumn colour each year and shade in the summer months,” said Mayor Coupland

“The drought and more recently the tornado has had a huge impact on our urban forest with significant areas affected.”

Council conducts annual tree planting and tree maintenance programs during the cooler months of the year. Trees are established in new subdivisions, to fill gaps in streetscapes and to renew trees that may have been removed for various reasons in the previous 12 months.

Tree availability became an issue due to the drought where wholesale nurseries reduced production due to expected lower demand.

“With new trees becoming more readily available following COVID restrictions that impacted upon supply chains, we are now well placed to make up for the hiatus in tree planting in the last few year,” said Mayor Coupland

“We can now capitalise on the above average rainfall to establish new trees in many of our streets and parks.”

Plantings will be undertaken throughout town and critically in the streets that were affected by the tornado. Residents will be looking forward to new trees to beautify the streetscapes that were so badly impacted.

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