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Preschool kids enjoy new playground

Playtime just stepped up a notch at the Guyra Preschool & Long Daycare Centre, with a new playground constructed at the centre recently.

The $30,000 playground, constructed at the front of the Bradley Street facility, provides a more exciting and even safer play space for the approximately 60 children who attend the centre each week.

The space now includes a new in-ground sandpit, a bike track and more accessible landscaping, incorporating raised garden beds.

“Some old favourites have been retained, such as the timber boat and both cubby houses, but the improvements have included more stable foundations for both cubby houses,” Preschool Supervisor Amanda Campbell said.

“The old playground had been well-loved in the six years since it last received a major overhaul and some of the features were starting to look a bit worn out.

“This upgrade has effectively rebuilt the entire play space, offering an opportunity to create an area which is more inviting and exciting, really stimulating the kids’ curiosity.”

While the front playground, one of two outdoor play areas, is used primarily by the babies and toddlers, it is often used by all the children during activities for the whole preschool.

The project has been assisted by a $15,000 grant through the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program.

The NSW Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall, said the preschool is a valuable asset for the Guyra community,

“Its important role in the community will be further enhanced by the playground upgrade, encouraging the children to be physically and mentally active and setting them on the path to healthy lives,” Mr Marshall said.

“The project is a great example of the NSW Government’s emphasise on fostering the wellbeing of regional communities.”

The new playground was one of the initiatives in the preschool’s Quality Improvement Plan, to best meet the Child Care National Quality Standards and the needs of the Guyra community.

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