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Armidale Regional Council Youth Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following winners who were presented an award for their outstanding achievements in sport and recreation, arts, business, academic achievement and community initiatives.

Performing Arts (12-17) - Savannah Roberts 
Performing Arts (18-24) - Dustin Cooper 
Visual Arts (12-17) - Avin Hasan
Volunteer (12-17 ) - Dion Whitfield
Volunteer (18-24) - Zac Ahoy- 
Sports Single (12-17) - William Wood
Sports Single (18-24) - Sophie Hansen
Sports Team (12-17) - Guyra Group 19 Rugby League
Sports Team (18-24) - Armidale Physie Club Senior Team
Commitment and Perseverance (12-17) - Zara Blackmore
Commitment and Perseverance (18-24) - Salwon Qassim Khlo 
Leadership (12-17) - Ella Pringle
Leadership (18-24) - Emily Paul
Academic (12-17)- Armidale High School- Girls Tech Team
Academic (18-24) - Rhiannon Davidson
Business - Show Us Your Crack- Cal Ridley
Positive Role Model over 24 - Marcus Potter

The Youth Awards were a fantastic opportunity to hear the inspirational stories of all the below nominees. 

Taryn Ramage                                   Mackenzie Ramage

Savannah Roberts                           Claire Davidson

Dustin Cooper                                   Alice Stanley

Duncan Carmichael                         Avin Hasan

Crystal Dai                                           Dion Whitfield

Zara Blackmore                                 Rebekah Craven

Ashini Imasha Ekanayake             William Wood

Olivia Joyce                                         Zac Ahoy

Sophie Warner                                  Emily Paul

Laura Murray                                     Casey Rainger

Ruby Goldsmith                                Shae-Leigh Vale

Amelia Mazzei                                   Indiana Ramage

Archie Dowden                                 Charlotte Williams

Braydon Cameron                           Oscar Atkin

Anna Hull                                             Sophie Hansen

Marcus Potter                                   Emma Kennedy

Thomas Hawthorne                        Salwon Qassim Khlo

Rhiannon Davidson                         Little Fish Entertainment

Backtrack Youth Works                  Luxe and Hide- Meg Reynolds

Show Us Your Crack- Cal Ridley

Female and Fierce- Sophia Gibby-Loughrey and Zara Blackmore

Shutter Up Photography- Emily Paul

Noor Hussein                                     Amber Fuller

Ella Pringle                                          Abbey Thomas

Zoe Dargan                                         Khaled Ali Hayder Adi

Catherine Lobbe                              Lana Winter

Adelle Dunshea                                Hunter Davidson

Cooper Stanley                                 Logan Stanley

Sarah Mills                                          Melissa Killen

Sarah Watson

Guyra Group 19 Rugby League Squad

Armidale High Open Boys Volleyball Team

Armidale Physie Club- Senior Team

Armidale High School- Tech Girls Team