Level 5 FAQs

Level 5 water restrictions - Frequently asked questions

Are their penalties if people don’t abide by the restrictions?

Aren’t there bores Council could access to help with water?

As a business owner, do I have different water restrictions in place?

As a business owner/operator, can I apply for an exemption from the water restrictions?

Can I access water for my stock?

Can I get water delivered to fill my tank at home?

Can I use my sprinkler and/or irrigation system?

Haven’t we already reduced our water consumption in Armidale?

How is Council managing the watering of parks and local sports grounds?

How is Council working with the broader community to conserve water?

How much rain have we had this year?

What about other infrastructure work Council is doing? Won’t that help?

What do Level 5 water restrictions mean for local businesses

What do level 5 water restrictions mean for me?

What happens if the drought continues and dam water levels continue to drop despite efforts to reduce water use?

When will the Level 5 water restrictions start?

When will the water restrictions be lifted?

Where does domestic water come from for the Armidale Region?

Who can I ask for help if I live on my own and need assistance to implement water conservation initiatives?

Who makes the decision on water restrictions for Armidale?

Why is everyone so concerned about our water supply – our back-up supply Puddledock dam is at 60% level?

Will level 5 water restrictions be enforced?

Won’t the Malpas to Guyra pipeline fix our water issues?


Can Council harvest the water when it’s testing bore supplies?

What is being done to prevent Council’s bore from affecting existing bores operated by nearby landholders?

What is Council doing to supplement the region’s town water supply?

When are the bores expected to be contributing to town water supplies?

Will the bores remove the need for water restrictions?