Guyra residents

There are currently Level 5 restrictions in place for Guyra. 

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Level 5 water restrictions

Level 5 water restrictions2

Where a residential property is using more than 800 Litres per day without justification (eg. medical reason, number of residents) Council may apply a flow restrictor or issue a letter asking for explanation of consumption. 
Residences and businesses must attend to leaks as soon as they are discovered or reported or be subject to a $220 penalty.  

In-house water saving tips

Washing machines - use only when you have full loads 
Baths and showers - limit showers to three minutes only and limit baths to one shallow bath per day.

Exemption form

Water Restriction Exemption Application form (PDF 124KB)

Free showerhead replacement 

From Tuesday 11 June to the end of July, Guyra residents can swap their old showerhead for a new, high-quality replacement, under a free exchange program launched by Council to help households save water, energy and money.

More information (PDF 1.2MB)

Showerhead exchange application form (PDF 320.9KB)

Water Saving Action Plan (PDF 168.8KB)

Water level triggers
Council is currently harmonising the existing drought management plans for Guyra and Armidale into one plan that reflects current water yield studies of the catchment. At the moment we are working with two plans of which we have published the Guyra trigger points on the website purely as a guide only. Important decisions have been made to activate these trigger points earlier.

Water level triggers