Level 5 exemption form

Exemptions previously issued by Council are no longer valid under level 5. You MUST resubmit an exemption form below or at Council’s Customer Service Centre.


Level 5 water restriction exemption form
Category for exemption required

Exemption will be considered on the following ground:

Residential customers can seek exemption on the ground that the current water restriction is inequitably impacting upon the livelihood, health and safety of the applicant. 

Commercial and Industrial customers can seek exemption on the ground that town water is necessary in their business by completing an exemption form and requesting assistance in implementing a Water Saving Action Plan

If this exemption is granted, I agree to:

  • Authorise Armidale Regional Council to publicly confirm the exemption and relevant details (except specific personal health matters) if needed
  • Adhere to all the specific requirements contained within the exemption
  • Provide appropriate access (as required) to enable Council or its authorised representative to access the initial application and monitor ongoing adherence to any exemption conditions
  • Any other specified conditions as determined by Council

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