Armidale Dumaresq DCP 2012

Development Control Plan 2012

The Armidale Dumaresq Development Control Plan 2012 (the DCP) provides guidance to developers, including requirements for construction, subdivision, signage, heritage, parking and so on.

Section 2 -  Site Analysis and General Controls should be read in conjunction with the relevant chapter relating to your specific development type. All relevant chapters, including the relevant site analysis chapters, must be addressed in your Statement of Environmental Effects and on your site plans when submitting a Development Application.

Note: In addition to the provisions in the DCP, various State Environmental Planning Policies and the LEP 2012 also contain development standards and matters for consideration for some development types, such as exempt and complying development, rural lands, BASIX, koala habitat protection, heritage, signage and other planning related issues.

Section 1 Development Control Plan Introduction

1.1 Introduction and Public Notification (PDF 451.9KB)

Section 2 Site Analysis and General Controls

2.1 Site Analysis (PDF 857.8KB)

2.2 Tree Preservation (PDF 882.2KB)

2.3 European Heritage (PDF 1.5MB)

2.4 Aboriginal Heritage (PDF 765.8KB)

2.5 Contaminated Land (PDF 948.5KB)

2.6 Earthworks and Geotechnical Investigations (PDF 20.8MB)

2.7 Floodplain Protection and Stormwater Drainage (PDF 1.1MB)

2.8 Noise (PDF 790.2KB)

2.9 Parking.pdf (PDF 1MB)

2.10 Signage (PDF 1MB)

2.11 Engineering (PDF 1MB)

Section 3 Subdivision Development

3.1 Urban Residential Subdivision (PDF 2.1MB)

3.2 Rural and Environment Protection Zone Residential Subdivision (PDF 724.5KB)

Section 4 Residential Development

4.1 Urban Residential Development - Single and Dual Occupancy Dwellings (PDF 808.4KB)

4.2 Urban Residential Development - Multi-Unit Housing, Residential Flat Buildings, Attached Dwellings, Semi-detached Dwellings, Shop Top Housing (PDF 931.7KB)

4.3 Rural and Environmental Protection Zone Residential Development - Single and Dual Occupancy Dwellings (PDF 834.7KB)

Section 5  Commercial and Industrial Development

5.1 Development in the Business Zones (PDF 1.1MB)

5.2 Industrial Development (PDF 813.7KB)

5.3 Bed and Breakfast and Farmstay Accommodation (PDF 516KB)

5.4 Brothels and Restricted Premises (PDF 487KB)

5.5 Animal Boarding or Training Establishments for Companion Animals (PDF 515.8KB)

Section 6 Locality Specific Precincts

6.1 Link Road South Precinct (PDF 631.7KB)

6.2 Duval Precinct (PDF 674.6KB)

6.3 North-East Armidale Precinct (PDF 636KB)

6.4 Chestnut Avenue Precinct (PDF 580KB)

6.5 Shambrook Avenue Precinct (PDF 572.8KB)