Committee Meetings

Council Committees

Council has established a number of Advisory Committees to provide advice and an opportunity for community input on strategic direction and specific issues.

The committees are appointed for the term of the Council and the chairperson of an Advisory Committee is a Councillor appointed by Council.

Committees usually meet quarterly or as required and each Committee comprises community members, a Councillor and Council staff.


Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee

Armidale Regional Council is seeking applications for a Guyra delegate and a Tingha delegate on Council’s Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee.

The Committee is responsible for:
developing and implementing Council’s Sustainability Strategy
providing advice on environmental sustainability issues such as water, air and soil quality, climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable transport, local food, sustainable business, waste management, water management and local biodiversity management
providing input to Council’s environmental sustainability projects
assisting in the review and implementation of specific environmental and sustainability management plans

We invite all passionate community members in the Guyra and Tingha districts to read the Terms of Reference (PDF 334.6KB) for this committee, which are also available at Council’s Administration Buildings in Armidale or Guyra, and submit a letter expressing your interest to participate in the committee.

Applications should be sent to the Acting CEO, Armidale Regional Council, PO Box 75A, Armidale NSW 2350, or it can be emailed to

Enquiries can be directed to the Service Leader – Sustainability & Development, Ambrose Hallman, on (02) 6770 3802 or 

Applications close Friday 27 July 2018.


Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee

Make a difference and join the Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee

Armidale Regional Council is seeking dynamic applications from individuals or community groups for the formation of the Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee.

The committee will be responsible for lobbying and advocating on issues affecting our community. The Committee’s aim is to create an inclusive and supported community which protects the most vulnerable, and improves wellbeing outcomes across the region. The Committee will be responsible for gathering and analysing local evidence to identify priority areas, developing an annual Community Wellbeing Action Plan, developing local partnerships, and creating a collaborative health and wellbeing network. This committee will make recommendations to Council and provide input into the strategic plan of Armidale Regional Council.

We invite connected and passionate community members across the region to apply by;

Completing the Community Wellbeing Advisory Membership Application Form (PDF 116.3KB), and reading the Community Wellbeing Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 184.5KB)

Your application should be addressed to Mr Lindsay Woodland, Interim CEO, Armidale Regional Council, PO Box 75A, Armidale NSW 2350, or emailed to

Further enquiries relating to the committee may be directed to the Interim Program Leader – Community Services, Ms Aimee Hutton, on 02 6770 3678 or Applications close 5pm Friday 6 July 2018