Shand Drive

Work has commenced on Shand Drive to upgrade the road to industrial road standards to facilitate the subdivision and sale of existing lease lots in line with Development Consent issued in October 2017.

The project includes installation of stormwater drainage, nine metre wide road complete with kerb and gutter, street lighting and a cul-de-sac.

Rural Fire Services has contributed funding towards civil works to improve access to their regional hub at the airport. In addition to RFS funding, this project is funded through Roads to Recovery and revenue from Sale of Land.

Current status:

Asphalting between the RFS building to Fleet Helicopters is now complete and kerb & gutter from Fleet Helicopters to the Caltex is underway with bitumen seal to follow in approximately three weeks time.

All drainage works on Shand Drive is complete, however, there is still some internal drainage system works to be completed between Superair and Fleet Helicopters.

The RFS building section will be complete following the installation of lighting.

Water supply is an important part of the construction and compaction process and to avoid using town water supplies, Council has sourced water from a nearby council owned dam.