New Landfill

The Armidale Regional Landfill is being constructed to provide sanitary disposal of waste for our region for the next 50 years. It has been designed to very high standards so as to ensure that is does not impact on the environment.


Construction of the landfill cell, leachate pond and water management infrastructure has been completed with the construction contractor demobilising from the site in late January 2019. 

The first landfill cell (one of five planned for the site) is expected to accept waste for the next ten years, with waste mostly being transported from the existing waste management facility on Long Swamp Road, Armidale.

In March 2019, Council awarded a contract to JNC Group to complete ancillary works at the site as part of the final stage 1 works. The ancillary works include installation of a site office and parking areas, electrical and communications systems, drainage works, landscaping and infrastructure for the wheel wash and leachate collection system. Work is expected to be completed by the end of June 2019. 

Council is currently finalising the Landfill Environmental Management Plan and the Environmental Protection Licence for the site and is preparing to commission the site in July 2019. 

To ensure the integrity of the new landfill cell is maintained, Council is proposing a “soft” start to landfilling activities at the site with the landfill not expected to commence fulltime operational activities until early 2020.

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