Lynches Road Netball Court Lighting

Project update - 9 February 2023

The lighting contractor has now recommenced work and they expect to fully complete the lighting project by the 24th of February 2023. The project was delayed due to missing under-court conduits and they had to change the electrical circuit including trenching layout. LED luminaries are already fitted. Aiming and commissioning including e-switch configuration will be completed upon completion of the electrical circuit.

Project update - 20 December 2022

The contractor has advised they are planning to complete the following works over the Christmas holiday period;

Connect conduits from light pole footings to the pits and run cable - 22, 23 and 24 December 2022
Stand light poles on 29 and 30 December 2022. There will be a crane operating within the parameters of the netball courts during these two days. 
Install light fittings on 3 and 4 January 2023

The contractor has also advised that works will not occur on public holidays. Please avoid the whole area on the days the contractors are working on the courts as there will be movement of construction workers, vehicle and heavy machinery. Thank you for your understanding during the works to complete the enhancements to the courts. 

Project update - 21 November 2022

Lynches Road Netball Courts Lighting contractor is restarting the works on 22nd November 2022. Civil works including trenching, light pole footings and concreting and will continue until the end of November.

Movement of construction workers, vehicle and heavy machinery will occur within the parameters of the netball courts during construction. It is planned to achieve practical completion before Christmas. Council is currently sourcing a contractor to undertake all necessary work to install and commission a solar PV system to clubhouse, high resolution CCTV cameras system to new light poles and a new loud speaker system to service all the Netball courts. This work will be started in the beginning of next year.

Project update - 30 August 2022

Work has now commenced on the installation of field lighting for the Lynches Road Netball Courts. The new lighting will enable the Armidale District Netball Association and other clubs to train and organise competitions at night, no later than 10pm. 

Movement of construction workers, vehicle and heavy machinery will occur within the parameters of the netball courts during construction. There will be an increase of activity and associated noise. To minimize disruption to the use of the facility the works will be carried out in sections and will be fenced off to the public. Construction will be carried out between the hours of 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 3pm Saturday if required.

As part of the design component for the project, 3D modelling has been carried out to identify and eliminate any possibility of intrusive lighting entering neighbouring properties from the netball courts whilst the lights are in operation. All the relevant standards and requirements have been met for the project and will be validated during the commissioning of the lights.  

The field lighting project will include: 
The erection of approximately 12 steel poles surrounding the hard courts only.
Cost effective variable intensity LED luminaires with focus and glare control to reduce overspill. A similar lighting system was installed at Harris Park.
Installation of a web-based lighting control module to enable sporting clubs to control the lights via a mobile phone application within the hours of operation. 


Project status - 5 August 2022

Council has recently engaged Home Green Pty LTD trading as Shine On to undertake the design and installation of the turn-key lighting system.

Works were originally scheduled to commence in April 2022, however due to weather and shipping delays for key lighting components, works will now commence on-site from mid August 2022. All efforts will be made to stage the works to allow the majority of the netball courts to remain operational during construction.

Armidale and District Netball Association have been consulted regarding the project. Residents adjacent to the netball court facility have also been re-issued letters providing further information regarding the project prior to construction commencing.

Project summary

Armidale Regional Council has received grant funding through the NSW Government Regional Sport Facility Fund 2020/21 for the provision of lighting to the Lynches Road Netball Court facility located in Armidale, NSW. The facility includes ten netball courts complying to Netball Australia’s standard court dimensions.

A turn-key lighting system to all ten playing courts will be installed at the courts and will include multiple 10m light poles and efficient LED light fittings. Existing electrical infrastructure within the clubhouse will also be upgraded.

The courts were recently refurbished, with eight painted concrete playing surfaces and two painted asphalt playing surfaces. The project will enhance the existing netball court infrastructure, and improve accessibility and usability for the local and regional netball community, and wider community. Council is also in discussions with the funding body regarding opportunities to include additional scope to maximise utilisation of funding for the benefit of the community and the project.