Guyra Main Street Reconstruction

Preliminary works have begun on a $2.7 million reconstruction and upgrade of Guyra’s main street.

Council staff conducted a walking tour of the Guyra main street upgrade project as part of the Local Government Tours in August 2019.

Twelve people attended the tour and staff advised participants that the project will be delivered in three stages due to the need to continue soil sampling outside Burgess Garage. The reduction in scope of this project has largely been focused around public safety and revitalisation of the main street.

During the tour, the project team emphasised that the project budget has not been reduced and significant work had been undertaken to date. 

Stage 1 of the project has almost reached completion and included fuel tank remediation, structural awning review and detailed design.

Stage 2 of the project focuses on road reshaping and resurfacing, footpath repair and resurfacing, improved parking and mobility access, streetscape beautification with community art inclusions and the removal of electrical lines from shop awnings.

Council is currently working with essential energy on the removal of the power lines, a new power supply design and upgraded street lighting.

Stage 2 works are planned to be completed by June 2020. 

Stage 3 of the project comprises the road rehabilitation and footpath surface for Ollera and Nincoola Street to be completed 2020-21.

Council resolved in February 2017 to adopt the project’s concept plans.

Council has conducted extensive community consultation on the upgrade and finalised detailed designs in July 2018, incorporating new street lighting and replacement of all underground services such as water and sewerage mains, as well as CCTV and phone lines.

The upgrade also includes a community art project with the Arts and Cultural Committee and Guyra Central School.

Fortnightly newsletters are being sent to Bradley Street businesses to provide updates on the project.