Dumaresq Dam Wall Upgrade

This project is to ensure the stability of the dam wall and the safety of the public at a time of severe flood. Several studies have shown the dam to be unstable during major flooding. The upgrade is to involve construction of large concrete buttress on the downstream side of the dam wall to stabilise the dam.


Council resolved to invest in strengthening the dam wall to ensure its stability following extensive public consultation. A budget of $3.6M has been set aside for the upgrade.

Work on the design of the upgrade is continuing following additional geotechnical investigations at the site. It is anticipated that detailed design drawings will be completed in December 2019 and a contract for the construction of the upgrade works will be let in June 2020.

The design is subject to a rigorous peer review process and endorsement of State government bodies prior to the works proceeding. Council anticipates the works will commence later in 2020.