Dumaresq Dam Wall Upgrade

This project will ensure the stability of the dam wall and the safety of the public at a time of severe flood. Several studies have shown the dam to be unstable during major flooding. The upgrade will ensure the stability of the dam wall and the safety of the public, whilst maintaining the dam wall at its current height.  


Following extensive public consultation Council resolved to invest in strengthening the dam wall to ensure its stability and the continuing use of the reservoir as a recreational area.

Work on the design of the upgrade has shown that the most cost-effective way of achieving this is to tie the wall into the rock below using post tensioned reinforcing bars.  This has the added advantage of minimising any changes in the appearance of this historic structure.

The design is now complete and has been approved by the NSW government. The design has been submitted to Dam Safety NSW for final ratification.

Work to remediate the wall is expected to commence in early 2021.

The general public are still able to visit Dumaresq Dam reservoir during construction, with the exception of the area immediately surrounding the dam, which will be fenced off to keep visitors safe.