CCTV & Cycleway Lighting CBD Precinct

Council received $450,000 in funding through Round 3 of the Federal Government's Safer Communities Fund, for a two-part project:

  • Replace five CCTV analogue cameras in Armidale’s Beardy Street Mall with digital cameras and upgrade the network's include optic fibre infrastructure
  • Install and commission solar lights on the cycleway within the Armidale CBD precinct

A location was identified for new solar lighting along the Armidale Cycleway, between Markham Street and the Donnelly Street bridge, following advice from Armidale police because of the high number of users on that section and police records of previous incidents.

Cost efficiencies identified during the detailed design process, in consultation with the designer, Lightning Art & Science, and the tender submission from contractor JLE have allowed the number of solar lights to be increased to 49. They will now cover an extended section of the cycleway totalling 1.3km – 44 from Markham Street and Niagara Street and a further five lights on the western section from Niagara Street.

This project is now complete. Council will continue to advocate for additional funding so further lighting can be added to other critical links within the cycleway to improve safety.