Working at Council

Amanda Bishop - General Hand 

New General Hand and Operator Amanda Bishop is the first female to join Council’s team of field staff in a labour-intensive role. Amanda jumped at the opportunity to work in the role because it combined her love for working outdoors and positioned her in an environment to learn new skills, valuable qualifications and experience to follow future endeavours and career progression.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with labouring and farm work in previous employment and have always enjoyed the outdoors and a hands-on environment. My work with the local Rural Fire Service Brigade gave me the opportunity to gain qualifications that encouraged me to apply for the role with Armidale Regional Council,” Amanda said.

Amanda’s day-to-day tasks vary with each project and she enjoys the chance to use a variety of machinery. Since starting at Council, Amanda has gained a greater appreciation of the level of work involved in many Council tasks.

She said she previously underestimated the amount of work, time and effort required for projects and is now getting great satisfaction from seeing projects through from start to finish.

Amanda is proving that labouring roles are not only for men. She loves the team environment and embraces the fun atmosphere to motivate her.

“I am very grateful Amidale Regional Council has given me the opportunity to be able to prove my skills and work ethic, and to work with a wonderful team that’s very supportive and fair,” Amanda said.

“It’s a wonderful organisation to work for and I’m excited for more opportunities that may come my way and the possibilities of new doors opening in the future. I’d also like to encourage more women to apply for council positions or any role within the labouring industry, as it is not only a male’s job. Women are capable of this type of work also and it’s an opportunity to promote gender equality and equal opportunities for women.”

Amanda Bishop Tractor 2