How to Apply

Preparing your application

To apply for a job within Council, please use the following guidelines to prepare your application.

What to include:

Your application should include the following three (3) documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Response to selection criteria

These documents will need to be saved as separate documents in either Word or PDF Format.

Response to selection criteria

Each position within Council has a specific position criteria listed within the Position Description. Your application should include a response to each of the criteria, clearly demonstrating how your qualifications and experience help you meet the requirements of the role. You should use specific examples to demonstrate your ability and experience in your chosen role.

Addressing the selection criteria is a crucial component of your job application, so it is vital that you do not rely on your resume alone to demonstrate your skills and experience.

Submitting your application

All applications should be emailed through to at Council.

The Recruitment Process

There are three phases of the recruitment process at Council

 Recruitment Process Graphic