Register of Pecuniary Interest

Schedule 1 "Additional open access information - local authorities" of the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2018, requires Council to make available the following information as open access information: returns of the interests of councillors, designated persons and delegates. 

The returns on the Council's website are redacted to the extent that personal information of the individuals is protected and safety concerns mitigated. The returns are also available, unredacted, for viewing by request at Council offices. 

See below the registers of designated persons and delegates. 

Viv May - Interim Administrator (PDF 236.3KB)

John Rayner - Acting General Manager (PDF 207.5KB)

Scot MacDonald - Director Businesses & Services (PDF 216.6KB)

Leah Cook - Acting Director Organisational & Corporate Services (PDF 217KB)

Marissa Racomelara - Acting Director Organisational & Corporate Services (PDF 213.2KB)

Listing of Officers determined to be Designated Officers (PDF 249.2KB)


Mayor Dr Ian Tiley (PDF 230.4KB)

Deputy Mayor Debra O'Brien (PDF 249.3KB)

Councillor Peter Bailey (PDF 263.7KB)

Councillor Jonathan Galletly (PDF 262.4KB)

 Councillor Dorothy Robinson (PDF 158.6KB)

Councillor Andrew Murat (PDF 209.2KB) 

Councillor Margaret O'Connor (PDF 198.9KB)