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Flying Fox Camp - Council assistance to residents

Flying Fox Camp - Council assistance to residents

Moving into the holiday period Armidale Regional Council would like to advise that a work team will continue to be available throughout the holiday period to assist residents directly impacted by the Flying Fox Camp.

On request Parks and Facilities staff will continue to provide the following assistance throughout the holiday period:

  • Removal of fallen branches and litter 
  • Provision of car covers
  • Provision of tarpaulins to cover decks, pergolas, clothes washing lines or concrete areas
  • Limited pressure cleaning of droppings on some surfaces

For Flying Fox Camp Resident Assistance: Please call 0428 670 195 7am- 4pm, leave a message anytime.

Residents are reminded that flying foxes pose no public health risk unless you are bitten or scratched. The risk of them transmitting disease to humans is very low however, removal of any pet food and drinking sources from beneath trees where flying foxes are camped is recommended.

Do not disturb colonies, it is illegal to attempt to scare or scatter the animals either through physical means or by disturbing them through loud noises such as banging metal lids or setting fire crackers reports.

Do not create a disturbance to move on flying foxes as this will only result in increased noise and movement as the animals become stressed.  When stressed they fly around often defecating and urinating over a wider area than they normally would and creating an even greater impact on affected residents.  Council stresses that anyone contemplating such actions to disturb flying foxes must fully consider the impacts this will have on their neighbours over the holiday season.  

If residents are aware of such actions occurring in their areas please  contact the Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) Environment Line on 131 555 or email info@environment.nsw.gov.au or www.environment.nsw.gov.au

The Environment Line logs the concern and directs the query to the relevant section of OEH and an OEH officer is then able to contact the caller. It is an offence to harm threatened species including flying foxes and there are significant penalties for harming flying foxes. 

Please report sick or injured animals to WIRES 6778 4994 or Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers 1800 008 290.

Council Office hours: Open until 22 December 2017 then closed over the period and reopening 2 January 2018. Contact: 1300 136 833

For more information visit Council’s Flying Fox information page

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