Plumbing Approvals and Inspections

Plumbing Approvals and Inspections

As part of your project there are likely to be new water and sewer connections.  Such work requires Council approval to ensure it complies with the relevant standards.

Council approval is required for the following under the provisions of S68 Local Government Act 1993:

  • water supply work (i.e. a new connection to the main, internal water connections)
  • sewerage work (i.e. a new connection to the main, internal drainage lines)
  • stormwater drainage work (i.e. new downpipes draining to the street)
  • on-site waste water management system serving the site.


Application forms:

Water and Sewer Application Plumbing Permit Form  (PDF 433.3KB)

Development Application Form 2017-2018 (PDF 511.9KB)

Application for Transfer Approval to Operate for Onsite Sewage Management System 2017-2018 (PDF 473.5KB)

Application to Install, Modify, or operate an On-site Sewage Management System (PDF 231.8KB)