Get Active Armidale

Get Active Armidale

Get Active this spring!

Armidale Regional Sports Council is encouraging the community to take advantage of the spring weather and ‘get active’.

The 2017/18 Newcastle Permanent Get Active Armidale Program will be held in two stages – two weeks of activity in October 2017 and another two weeks in March 2018.

The program aims to help you find new ways to stay fit and healthy by offering a wide range of FREE ‘come and try’ sessions.

Getting active helps you to maintain good health, manage your weight and reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

Is your family missing out on the benefits of being active every day? Click on the links to read all about the benefits of being active every day and the recommended amount of physical activity you should be undertaking each day. Did you know more than half of all Australian adults are not active enough!